About Miraisozojuku

Creating a facility that draws people from throughout the world for training to pioneer the world's future

The power of the Academy to usher in a new age

Since its opening in 1990 as Keio University's "experimental campus," SFC has been tasked with charting a course for the future and leading the University into a globalized, networked society of the 21st century. In that time, it has graduated nearly 20,000 students, many of whom have already gone on to achieve renown in their fields. As we approach our 25th anniversary in 2015, we want to use our intellectual assets that have been built up through initiatives to foster "problem discovery and problem solving skills" and encourage "self-directed, decentralized, collaborative education" to take on new global-level challenges. The Miraisozojuku is a significant step forward into the future.

Global gateway of Keio University

Training people who can contribute at the global level

  • The best residential education and research facility in Japan
  • Bringing people together from around the globe for world-class education and research
  • "New Japanese research" located in Japan, with a global perspective
  • Frontier campus emphasizing collaboration with companies and other universities

Six initiatives

Hangaku hankyo—learning while teaching, teaching while learning

  • Students and faculty members live and learn together in the spirit of hangaku hankyo
  • By 2019, all enrolled students at SFC will have experienced residential classes

Collaborative programs with alumni

  • Alumni set up programs for creative collaboration between faculty members, students, and alumni
  • Students learn about the “real world” through residing with alumni

Friendly rivalry and collaboration with international students

  • New curriculum taking advantage of residential opportunities
  • Participation in community-level education and research with Japanese students serving as guides

Working together with researchers from around the world

  • Host long and short term visiting professors and researchers
  • World-class knowledge and insight shared at SFC
  • Keio University knowledge and insight shared with the world

Collaboration with industry

  • New business creation
  • Support for social businesses
  • Joint research

Developing together with the local community

  • Realization of a university town
  • Development of the Endo area
  • Collaboration with Fujisawa City and Kanagawa Prefecture

The best large-scale residential education and research facility in Japan

A place for promising students and researchers from around the world to live and study as they tackle global-scale issues

Phase One Construction Outline (West Zone, East Zone)

Student Build Campus (SBC)
Residential Education and Research Facility Capacity (Planned): 180
Other Facilities

Upon completion of phase one

Residential education facilities
planned housing capacity: 650
Residential research facility

Student Build Campus

What is SBC (Student Build Campus)?

A concept where students, alumni, and faculty members and staff join forces to invent, plan and become involved in building with their own hands. Inspire an innovation in research and education for SFC celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

SBC’s Theme
A constantly evolving campus geared toward to a multi-cycling society.

SBC’s Concept
To foster individuals who contribute to the environment and society, and to create an environment and society which hold high esteems of such individuals.